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I, the undersigned, hereby consign item(s) on my account inventory to "Labels Resale Boutique" for ninety (90) days and agree to fifty percent (50%) of the sold price. If I wish to reclaim any unsold items at the end of my consignment period I must do so by the 90th day. I understand that any items not picked up after ninety (90) days will become "expired" and the property of "Labels Resale Boutique" and will be will be handled at their discretion without any notice to Client. I may collect money credited to my account between three days after the item sale date and a year after sale date.

I understand that "Labels Resale Boutique" will do their best to sell items at the highest possible price; but may reduce the selling price at any time. "Labels Resale Boutique" bases prices on supply and demand, as such there will be items that "Labels Resale Boutique" may not accept since customer's preferences must guide selection. I will abide to all consignment policies and understand that they may change from time to time without notice.

I understand that "Labels Resale Boutique" will do its best to safeguard my items, but is not responsible for loss or damage to items. I hereby warrant that I own and have complete title to the merchandise I bring in. I will not hold "Labels Resale Boutique" responsible for any claim or title to it.