About Us : The Best Consignment in Atlanta Five Years in a Row!

Simply put, as a consignment business, our mission is to be the leading reseller of premier and contemporary merchandise to our patrons, who are not only fashion-conscious but also cost-conscious during a time when it has become the epitome of chic to have an awareness of both the aesthetics and economy of the fashion world. We think of this approach to business much like we do styling: a mixture of high and low is the way to go. Coupling this with the highest standards of customer service, we hope to create an exceptional experience here at Labels.

About Us:

Having access to some of the best wardrobes here in Buckhead and around the country creates such an exciting experience, not only for our consumers and consignors, but for us as well. Since conception, owners Fernando Perez and Susan Stephens knew the perfect balance of style and customer service that was needed to find success in this industry. And we aren’t just referring to our style, but also the impeccable and eclectic style of our consignors and clients located here in Buckhead and in other fashion meccas such as New York, L.A. and Miami.

The fusion of styles in combination with our customer service is what sets us apart as we strive daily to be the best in the luxury resale business. Voted Best Consignment in Atlanta 5 years in a row ! Labels is the destination for luxury resale and exceptional service.

In 2009, we opened the doors to Labels in an English-style cottage on a friendly street in Buckhead. We’ve come to refer to this cottage as the Main House. During that first year, we worked tirelessly to establish Labels in the community and in 2010, we opened our second store, Labels Vinings. By 2011, we were faced with a dilemma: expand to accommodate the influx of merchandise or turn away clothing and accessories that were a must-have. The decision was easy and in January 2012, we opened our Dress House. Never the kind to follow trends, we were eager to follow this one, and by the end of the year, we opened the doors to the Shoe House. In 2013, beecause of space constraints, we couldn’t keep up with both the supply and demand of men’s clothing. The customers urged us to open a store just for men.  So in early 2014, we opened The Men’s Store and haven’t looked back since. Today, we are located on the same friendly street and have opened each store in a cottage that makes the shopping experience feel like it is taking place in the most stylish of closets.

Labels decoded:

The Main House – This is where it all started. In this house, you can find separates for women alongside premier accessories, including but not limited to jewelry, sunglasses, belts and designer handbags.


The Dress House – This house is like the closet every girl wanted for playing dress-up. Here you will find dresses & shoes ranging from casual day to formal ball and runway. Besides day dresses, cocktail dresses and gowns, all of the skirt sets, pant sets, suits and St. John are located here. In the accessories department, clutches, minaudieres, costume and fine jewelry can be found.


***The Shoe House*** – Has just joined forces with the Dress House. Filled with all kinds of designer shoes just for women, Manolos to Louboutins walk through our doors every day.

The Men’s Store– Located on the same block is filled to the brim with designer clothing and accessories.

The Men’s Store

Littles-The Children’s Store- Our newest addition to the Labels family! This is the premier children’s consignment store in Atlanta.  Accepting clothing and accessories from infant to age 12.

Vinings  Outlet– Just 5 miles away from the houses in Buckhead, Vinings Outlet is a deeply discounted one stop shop carrying clothing and accessories for women. Outside of the city, leave the hustle and bustle behind as you enjoy a serene shopping experience surrounded by Zagat award winning restaurants on the Chattahoochee River.